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How to make every modern animated movie ever
Alright, so the first decision that you need to make is what type of animation you're going to use - traditional hand-drawn, stop motion, etc. Which is easier because your movie is going to be 3D animated. After all, Treasure Planet failed massively and that was only over a decade ago and Tangled did better than Princess and the Frog, even though it was speculated that Tangled may have done a lot worse financially if it wasn't changed from the "girlier" name of Rapunzel.
We can make our film about anything, but it's probably best if we base the designs of our characters off of the best toys that we can make. Cars, Emojis, anything that we can get some merchandise off of. After all, we're not making this movie to make money off of this movie. It's all about that merchandising film. The simpler the character with the least amount of shapes, the better.
What's the basic premise of our film? Well, that's an easy one. I know some people say that
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Welcome! If you're interested in purchasing a custom-drawn work of art made of black and white magic, then hopefully you've come to the right advertisement! In this journal you will find all the information, prices, and procedures you will need in order to purchase art from me.

About my work:
:bulletred: I started out drawing everything and anything interesting to me. Pencils, clouds, cats, windows, hands, you name it. Throughout grade school I drew animals and couldn't draw any part of a person to save my life until late high school where I started drawing more realistic portraits to get a grip on human anatomy. Since then, I've been practicing character design for both animals and humans, and at this point I'm currently working on improving all my man-made structures and cityscape design. My personal art style is based on my experiences and influences, including western comic strips, manga, classic animation, and children's book illustrators.

What I use to create:
:bulletblue: I am strictly a traditional artist. When it comes to digital art (which I have nothing against) I personally do not have the resources to begin learning, but more so, I love the physicality of traditional art way too much. The love for that feeling of specific tools is why my primary medium is India ink and dip "nib" pens. I tend to draw and shade in a "comic book style" which is a look that, I believe, has a sophistication that can stretch across any subject matter. The four shading techniques I use are solid black, hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling.
  • If you'd like art from me done in another medium other than ink, let me know in a message and I'll see if we can find an alternative.
  • Screen tones are also a great shading option, but my materials are limited.
  • I do not do color very often. I can do it, but it costs a lot more in terms of resources and time, plus I'm not the best at it to be completely honest (see my gallery for examples). When I do color, I prefer colored pencil or Copic markers. All that being said, if you're absolutely desperate for color, send me a message and maybe we can work out a price. If the art you want colored is more on the simple side, I'm more likely to go for it. See my line art below for alternative coloring solutions.
Drawing restrictions:
:bulletorange: I can draw just about anything and everything. There are very little restrictions when it comes to my work (or skill level) and it never hurts to ask. Everyone has their one or two subjects that cross into the "uncomfortable zone" when it comes to creating and I'm no exception. I am very likely to refuse extreme gore (innards), obvious fetish art, porn, and distasteful nudity. Some of my favorite works of art are in the nude (such as Michelangelo's "David"), and I am willing to draw nude if it's in the correct presentation. To me, nudity looks best when the subject is able to convey a sense of beauty through their natural form. On a side note, I do love drawing blood but again, extreme details work best when they're put into a fitting context.

What you will receive (guarantee):
:bulletgreen: Everything I draw will be a product of my own personal interpretation and style unless otherwise stated. As a discerning client, you have my guarantee that I will do my best to accurately interpret the artwork you are seeking. You will receive a personalized art piece created to the best of my ability. With my promised effort and this written guarantee, I must warn you now: all sales are final. If you are somehow unsatisfied with my finished artwork, I will offer an apology and potential advice for your future commission ventures, but no refunds.

Hopefully it won't have to come to that, which brings me to the first of my four steps in starting a commission:   

Step 1: Identify what kind of art you need
:bulletyellow: To be blunt, I may not be the artist for you. The art world is vast. If you have something very specific in mind, try browsing the web some more. Find that special artist who can portray the precise elements you want to find in an art piece. Heck, maybe it's not a drawing you want; maybe you really want a poem, or a sculpture, or a song, or a plush toy--you never know! If you don't have something super specific in mind (or you've already chosen my art from the get-go), there are three levels of detail I can create with prices and examples. These levels act as guidelines so I can get a good idea of how much detail you want as well as what price range you prefer.
  • Detail will vary from drawing to drawing based on the subject, light source, and setting (if any).
  • All prices are based on the estimated amount of time it takes to complete as well as the amount of material used.
:bulletpurple: Solid, black, crisp lines. I recommend this if all you want to see is an idea or design in my style without anything fancy. Any small details that are inherently solid black (pupils, animal noses, eyebrows, etc.) will also be filled in unless otherwise stated. With proper permission and credit, I'll also allow my line art to be colored by another artist. Simpler/smaller drawings are subject to lower prices!
1. Lineart by LunarSpoon

:bulletpurple: Basic shading usually involves solid black shadows as well as hatching to establish darker shades. Things that are naturally pure black (like that raven) are more likely to have extra shading to emphasize its darker value. Basic shading is a great option if you want a nice drawing in a comic book style without going crazy with too many details.
2. Basic Shading by LunarSpoon

3) FULL SHADING: Starting at $15 USD
:bulletpurple: Don't let "starting at" scare you; that applies to more complex or larger subjects which may vary by only a dollar or two. Full shading is the work I'm most proud of and involves much more time. Cross-hatching and stippling are added to get a beautifully detailed range of darker shadows and lighter highlights. I highly recommend full shading if you want to unlock the full potential of my inking skill on your request.
3. Full Shading by LunarSpoon
(Just pretend I remembered Fluttershy's wings in the previous two drawings. xP)

Step 2: Contact Me and details!
:bulletpink: I am on deviantART daily. All inquiries will be made through notes on my deviantART home page. If you are here visiting and do not have a deviantART account, please send a message through my Facebook page. When you send me a note, describe what you want with as many details as you want; I may ask follow-up questions. Tell me if you want the drawing to have a particular vibe (or expression for a character)... Neutral? Peaceful? Exciting? Creepy? Simple? Feel free to send me reference pictures if you have a particular character or subject you want drawn. Any requests for free art will be ignored. If we agree on a commission, I will confirm all the details in the note with you and then give you a final price and estimated completion time. If there are any time changes, I will let you know.

Step 3: Payment and pricing
:bulletwhite: All payments will be made through Paypal and must be received in full before I begin drawing. I will send you the link to my Paypal page in our note. Once I give you a final price for a drawing, it will be final and will not change after your payment. My above prices are firm but not set in stone. They may vary depending on the commission. For example, if you wanted a full-shaded drawing of something tiny and simple like that dragonfly, I could probably do it for much cheaper than the line art price.

Step 4: Completion
:bulletblack: When the art is finished, it will be submitted as a regular deviation and put into a "Commissions" folder in my gallery. Your username and any references used will be included in the artist's comments section and I will also notify you through our note that it's completed. Additionally, the art will not be available as a full download on dA, but I will personally give you the full, original file through email if you're willing to provide me with your email address.

That's just about it! Not too complicated? :la: If you have any questions about my commissions themselves, leave it in the comments here and good luck with your purchases. Thank you for your interest!
  • Listening to: Yume Nikki OST
  • Reading: my writing
  • Watching: Dexter's Lab
  • Playing: Pikmin 2
  • Drinking: Coffee *--*


Anna G. S.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello! I'm a writer for comics and a hardcore traditionalist who loves using ink and dip pens to get my art on the paper.

Here and there I love to sketch, work on my characters and comic writing, draw creepy subject matter, and create my own versions of fan art including cartoons, games, Ponies, Pokemon, Furries, you name it. Whatever I seem to be interested in at the time, you can guarantee I will draw it. Currently my heart is set on making a graphic novel called, "The Rise of Dr. Numbers," a humorous sci-fi story about three geniuses overturning their dark society through innovation and eccentricities. It's a story full of science, violence, foul language, and feEelings. I have much of it written, and am currently drawing the first of 17 total chapters.

Buy Me a Coffee at

On deviantART! | On Facebook! | On Tumblr! | On Twitter! | On Patreon! | I still use Neopets!

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Seeing the preview of this got a "Wow, what is that?" out of me right away. Personally I'm a sucker for ink, black and white, and simpl...


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I'm usually not against it as long as you link back to the original. =p Which one?
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Pretty much. The other earliest anime I also remember seeing was Inuyasha
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